Floor Cleaning

For the best floor cleaning services in Chennai, Ever Clean is the best and by far the most reliable cleaning company you could hire. At Ever Clean, we believe that cleanliness is the most important thing in your home or office, and your floor says a lot about you and your surroundings.



No matter what your floor type is, we offer the best options and cleaning services that you could find anywhere. We clean, restore, maintain, and buff all sorts of floor surfaces to ensure a sparkling clean appearance for a longer time.

Whenever it comes to floor cleaning, consider Ever Clean. May it be commercial (for your office) or domestic (for your home) then we do the best to make the best of it. We even go the extra mile of giving you floor cleaning advice to ensure better maintenance of your floors for longer-lasting gleam and gloss.

Ever Clean cleans the floor using the best of waxing and cleaning equipment. Some of the floor types we clean are like:

• Marble and other special material floors
• Wooden floors
• Vinyl floors

You can trust in our floor cleaning services for reliability and worthiness, we make sure that we provide professional and efficient services at any time of the day provided you give us your schedule. The great thing is that Floor Cleaning Services in Chennai at Ever Clean, will ensure that you will pay the best and most competitive price with no hidden costs.

To get to use our floor cleaning services, get in contact with us by either giving us a call through the numbers provided for on our online site evercleanindia.com and get to experience our floor cleaning services.

Service Information

  • Cleaning Hours :1-3 Hours
  • Number of Cleaners :02 Cleaner
  • Visiting Hours :09.00am - 06.00pm
  • Contact :+9190871 95680
  • E-mail :info@everclean.in
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