About us


To retain the number 1 position in house, sofa, carpet, office, and restroom cleaning service in Chennai, Tamilnadu.


To keep your living places clean in Eco friendly cleaning service method. We in Ever Clean ensure to give 100% customer satisfaction at reasonable price.

When Ever Clean house cleaning service was set up in March 2008, professional house cleaning was almost unheard then. Through broad education and market awareness efforts and equipped with an accepted house cleaning system.
Ever Clean House cleaning service made a breakthrough in 2009 and become a primary house cleaning and sanitizing service provider in Chennai, Tamilnadu. Our services are now extended to neighboring cities through our partners from Chennai

Today, house cleaning has almost become an integral indoor hygiene necessity in most residences, hotels, school dormitories, etc, as more people know the potential harm that lurks within the mattress.

Ever Clean house cleaning service is also among the first company in Chennai, Tamilnadu that promotes dry carpet cleaning. Dry cleaning is the emphasis in Ever Clean house cleaning service’s services as the cleaning technology has been verified to be successful, safe on furniture material, and at the same time, give furniture owners or users convenience by not requiring long drying time after a cleaning service.

Our cleaning technology that combines cleaning and sanitizing treatment to effectively clean aesthetically and eliminate microorganisms for additional health benefits has received many nods and referrals from doctors, furniture retailers, and media recommendations.

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