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Sanitizing Disinfection Service
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Sanitizing and Disinfection Service

The Importance of Disinfecting and Sanitizing

With the outbreak of the Corona virus people are becoming more aware of the importance that disinfection and sanitization plays in helping prevent the spread of the virus and ensuring we stay healthy. As we pay more attention to who we come in contact with and what we touch, it's also imperative to understand the importance of disinfection in our homes and offices.

Every time we touch something when we're out
getting essentials such as food or medical supplies, we pick up germs left by
others. Since people who contract the virus may not show any symptoms for days,
they could be unintentionally spreading the virus to every surface they touch
and place they visit.

Once we touch a contaminated surface, those
germs we pick up then get transferred to our house, putting us and our families
at risk of contracting COVID-19. Professional sanitizing and disinfection
services is the most effective way to quickly disinfect our home or office and
ensure a safe environment for our family members and employees. 

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Home Sanitizing Services

Home germ elimination is especially useful if you or one of your loved ones has recently been ill or if you have a newborn child. Professional home sanitizing services are the perfect solution to eliminate any possibility of having a contagious illness contaminating your house.

Our disinfection services are performed using the sporicidal fogging method. What makes this technique so effective is that the disinfectant gets aerosolized into tiny droplets, ensuring a complete coating on every surface. We then go over and wipe all coated surfaces to make sure maximum disinfection is achieved.

Commercial Disinfection Services

During these uneasy times, it's preferable to work from home, but this isn't always possible for everyone. For employees who can't work from home, our office sanitizing and disinfecting services will provide a safe and clean environment as required by OSHA. Our ability to disinfect large areas quickly and effectively will minimize any downtime and keep your workforce healthy in this time of crisis. 

Before and After Sanitizing & Disinfection: What to do

Your technician will inform you of all safety guidelines required before beginning the job. Here are some general guidelines so you can be better prepared.

Steps Before Sanitizing & Disinfection:

1.     You will have to leave the area while it is being disinfected. This is for your safety, and any pets, too – our technicians wear PPE during the job to protect them from exposure to the disinfecting solutions they use. The technician will be able to tell you in advance how long it will be before you should enter again. This allows time for the fine droplets to come out of the air, cover every exposed surface, and air dry.

2.     Anything that is exposed will get moistened during our disinfection process. Any items, such as papers, books, or other sensitive materials, that could be damaged by moisture should be put away in a closed drawer or cabinet or removed in advance from the area to be treated.

3.     Surfaces must be clean before they can properly be disinfected. Any spills, crumbs, or other debris should be wiped up.

4.     Kitchen areas and work areas should be free of food items. Any utensils or water bottles left out must be cleaned thoroughly after the job is done.

Steps After Sanitizing & Disinfection

1.     All surfaces should have dried when you return, but if there is some moisture left on surfaces, you need to dry these areas without touching the wetness directly with your hands. A paper towel would be good to use, which you should immediately throw away.

2.     Food preparation areas should be wiped off before use. Any dishes or other items used for food preparation or serving should also be cleaned.

 In addition to our sanitizing services for homes and businesses, including large commercial facilities, Dustless Duct offers other cleaning services. Remember, basic cleaning and sanitizing is where good hygiene begins. In fact, you cannot disinfect a dirty surface – you have to clean it first before it can be disinfected. We offer excellent cleaning for all of your soft furnishings, such as carpets, rugs, and upholstery.

For high touch surfaces or anything that requires hands-on disinfection, we also offer a wipe-out service. This is ideal for items such as computer keyboards, light switches, door handles, drawer handles, desktops, countertops, and the like.

Ready to schedule sanitizing and disinfecting for your residence or commercial property? Our friendly representative will give you a free estimate and help you book an appointment at your convenience. Interested in a regular disinfecting schedule? We do that too! Just call today at  90871 95680.