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Ever Clean is an ISO 9001:2008 registered company. Kitchen ventilation and Kitchen Deep Clean Specialists offer friendly and professional cleaning services for residential, schools, restaurants, hospitals, care homes.

With the build-up of grease and dust, we are the specialist company to remove all grease especially prone areas like ducting, fans, KITCHEN EXTRACT, and filters. In accordance with the Health and Safety Regulations, all commercial premises with kitchens need a KITCHEN DEEP CLEAN SERVICES (Kitchen Deep Cleaners) to keep within a certain code, keeping all cooking equipment in a clean and germ-free condition at all times. When works are completed a Hygiene Certificate is issued to you.

Most kitchens are cleaned regularly by kitchen assistants, but grease and dust build-up leading up to unhygienic conditions which eventually mean that the whole of the kitchen and its equipment needs to be deep cleaned

Why choose EverClean kitchen deep cleaning service in Chennai?

With 7 years of experience, we are committed to deep clean all kitchen deep equipment, extractor fans, brat pans, ovens, KITCHEN EXTRACT filters and ovens. Using our industrial cleaning systems we would leave your kitchen in a sparkling germ-free condition.

We are happy to arrange with you a cleaning services contact that you could feel confident that when visited by the Health and Safety Environment Team from your Local Council you would meet the required hygiene criteria.

Grills and canopies are especially prone to gathering large amounts of grease and it is difficult for the ordinary cleaner to get into all crevices. With our special cleaning chemicals and kitchen deep cleaners, everything is left spotless and CLEAN.

When it comes to prices we are very competitive Kitchen Cleaning Services Chennai and are willing to discuss your needs. Call us today for a quote